Invisalign promises you a gorgeous smile displaying straight teeth. This modern dental method or aligner for teeth that straightens out of line teeth is made up of a series of clear trays known as aligners specifically designed for your teeth. The clear aligners are not obvious to the human eye causing a lesser discomfort than the regular metal braces. The clear aligners are also called trays and are built from thermoplastic material.

The trays are required to be changed approximately every two weeks in order to move the teeth a little at a time. Patients with a mild case of crooked teeth may only require six months of treatment while more complicated cases could last a year or more.

This dental treatment to get your teeth look their best, you need to take care of both the device and your teeth properly. While taking care of your teeth and gums to help them last a lifetime is important, oral hygiene and care needs to be extra special when you are using trays to align your teeth.

Not only the metal braces require proper dental hygiene but those who choose Invisalign will also have to be thorough and conscientious. Observing the same good hygiene habits is essential as you would if you were not being treated for a straightening issue. From brushing your teeth after every meal to flossing if not every time you eat then at least once a day is vital to the health of your teeth.

Your Invisalign retainers need brushing as well because bacteria and germs can accumulate on the trays. Do everything you can to keep them clean, fresh and free of odor!

Your orthodontist will also guide you through any special cleaning instructions that you should observe. Besides using your toothbrush and toothpaste you should be using a cleaning agent such as cleaning tablets to keep your dental trays clean and fresh.

The best thing about Invisalign clear braces is that they are removable which means you can easily take them off your mouth when you want to eat and drink. The only liquid that can be consumed while wearing your trays is water. Otherwise, if you drink anything that has sugar in it while wearing your teeth straightening devices, the embedded sugar in the trays can lead to cavities.