If you are living in Dubai and thinking to start your own business, then it’s a great option for you to start your own nursery school. You can start your nursery school near discovery garden. Nursery in JBR and nursery in jbr dubai offers free registration and they also give an opportunity to the kids to learn through activities, competitions, games etc. You can also start the registration of the children from the age of 6 months and you can also attract the parents by giving free registration and offering discounts.

There is a guide for you in this article to start your own nursery school and run it successfully. Make sure you follow the guide correctly.

  • Planning: Planning is the foremost thing you should do if you are starting your own nursery school. Your planning must include the location of the school, appointment of the staff, and number of children in the school and the syllabus of the school.
  • Name: When you are done with arranging the basic requirements of the school, your next step should be to think of name. As you are opening a nursery, the name of your school shouldn’t be fancy and it must be very decent.
  • Register your school: it’s very important to get your school registered and to get the license of running your school legally otherwise your school could be sealed anytime and you would be helpless. So, to avoid inconvenience in the future get the license before giving the admissions.
  • Marketing: Now when your school is registered. You should do the marketing through TV ads, through social media of you can hang the posters in the vicinity of the school.
  • Appoint the staff: Your next step is to appoint the teachers and the admin staff. You should appoint the people who have good communication skills, cooperative, polite etc.
  • Syllabus: Define the syllabus. Try to teach the kids through games and different activities. This will build their interest otherwise they might lose their interest.
  • Start taking the admission: Your last step is to open the admissions. Do not overload the students. Try to have maximum 20 students in the class so teacher can pay individual attention the students.

Hope this guide will help you run your nursery school successfully.