There are many tips to keep your apartment looking beautiful, from replacing the furniture to storing items neatly. The most important information is to avoid over-decorating. Avoid over-the-top colors and decorations, and keep the decor simple, clean and neutral. You should also use light-colored paints and fabrics for walls and furniture. This is especially true for bohemian styled apartments. Keeping light colored decor is also essential for smaller spaces. If you are buying Jumeirah village circle apartments for sale, these tips can be helpful for you in the long run.

Paint the door frame:

Painting the door frame is a fun, affordable way to share your style. Your apartment likely has one or two doors, so painting them a neutral color or a playful pattern is great for making a statement. You can also put decals on the doorframes for a personal touch. Decorating your entryway can be challenging, but don’t worry. You can find interesting framed pieces in thrift stores. You can also paint your details to make your space truly unique.

Add a few monogrammed pieces:

You can also make your apartment feel more like home by adding a few monogrammed pieces. These can be as simple as a shower curtain, towels, a robe, or as extravagant as a gallery wall. Don’t forget to include an entryway, as this awkward transition zone is a popular place to decorate. For example, the entryway to your living room may be an awkward transition space between the living room and the kitchen. To make the entrance more welcoming, add some art on the dresser, or use a mirror to reflect the colors on the rug.

Use a little bit of art in every room:

Using a little bit of art in every room can help you share your style and make your apartment feel more like home. You can also decorate the walls and doors with a contrasting color, such as red or blue, or you can add a piece of art to the hallway. A lovely little painting or canvas is an affordable way to create a new look. And if you’re stuck for inspiration, you can paint the doors yourself. With these simple tips, you can change the entire look of your apartment.