What makes a good dentist? Besides a great work ethic, a great dentist must be well-educated, have excellent manual dexterity, and steady hand. In addition, the right fine motor skills are important for a dentist, as they help them manipulate tools in tight spaces and are helpful in the field of dentistry. A good dentist should also be physically fit, as some procedures require prolonged standing over the patient. If you are looking to improve your oral health, visit dentist studio city Dubai.

They must have hand-eye coordination:

A good dentist must have excellent hand-eye coordination and a steady hand. Performing procedures requires accurate and efficient manipulation of instruments and small surfaces. Furthermore, a dentist must be highly compassionate and honest, as, without these qualities, a patient cannot trust the dentist’s opinion. Some procedures may require the dentist to stay over a patient for a long period. Ultimately, these are just a few of the many attributes that make a good dental professional.

They must have excellent manual dexterity:

A dentist must also have excellent manual dexterity, as they need to make precise movements while working inside the mouth. This requires the dentist to be very detail-oriented and have a steady hand. Besides being detail-oriented, a great dentist should also be compassionate and trustworthy. You can’t expect your patients to trust a dentist who does not care about their health and wellbeing.

They should be personable:

An excellent dentist should be a people person. Most people dread visiting the dentist, so a good one should be able to put their patients at ease. This is important as a dentist will be spending most of their day dealing with patients and office staff. A great dentist should interact with patients personally and calm the terrified patient.

They should value the wellbeing of their patients:

A good dentist should value the well-being of his patients. While some dentists try to trick their patients by making a profit, a good dentist will be open and transparent about their fees and options. A caring dentist will also listen to their patients’ concerns and discuss them with them. This kind of approach will create a positive relationship between the doctor and the patient and make the experience much more enjoyable for the patient.