People who need to get EB 5 visa will need to know that they have to first collect some investment as this visa will not be available without showing some relevant investment which you can use when you go to the other country. You have to hire EB 5 visa lawyers for getting the relevant information about this visa especially when you are getting to apply for this for this first time and you do not have any relative who will guide you about it. There is some other superior help available too which is in the form of EB 5 immigration attorney who will provide better information and more assistance when you need them. To get this visa you have to see this guide:

First step is that you have to know about the investment which you need to have in another country because without that you will not get the approval for your application. You need to see that there will be different need of investment amount in different countries and this amount also change in few years so you have to get e complete information before you start collecting amount for investment and applying for the visa.

After that you have to apply for the visa and you need to apply through proper channel with the help of a good lawyer or attorney because otherwise you will not be able to know what things you need to have before you apply and the documents which you need to attach with the application for visa. All these things will be told to you from your lawyer and that’s why you need to hire one of them. There are some of the people who say that they will help you but in reality they will take your entire amount and then disappear from the face of the earth and you will lose everything as you have to provide some personal information to them. There is a great need of hiring the visa lawyer carefully otherwise there will be no one who will get your amount from the fraudulent people. While hiring any of the people for your legal help, you always have to hire through a trust worthy company so there is no chance of fraud or you know where to go if they do anything wrong with you.