Lithium cobalt oxide: This kind of lithium ion battery can also be referred to as lithium cobaltate. These kind of batteries have quite increased specific energy and because of that lithium cobalt oxide batteries are utilized for mobiles, laptops, and cameras that work upon the basis of electronics. These batteries consist of cathodes made up of cobalt oxide and utilize carbon made of graphite as the anode substance when the release is done. Also, when the release is being done, the ions of lithium go from the anode towards the cathode and the movement is contradicted in times of charging of the battery. Lithium cobalt oxide has few disadvantages which includes limited life of the battery, and restricted particular power.

Lithium iron phosphate: These kind of batteries are referred to as batteries of li-phosphate. Such batteries utilizes phosphate equivalent to a cathode. These kind of batteries advantage from reduced resistance features that improves their protection as well as thermal equilibrium.

Some other advantages of battery of lithium iron phosphate comprises of endurance and extended life. When the factor of this battery’s extended life is noticed, we can say that these batteries are inexpensive. But, along with some advantages, the battery of lithium iron phosphate has lower levels of potential. This results in lower levels of energy. Automobiles working on the basis of electricity often make use of batteries of lithium iron phosphate.

Lithium titanate: This kind of battery permits for growing uses and applications. The major benefit of such battery is the extraordinary rapid duration for recharging, all because of its latest technology.

The disadvantage of batteries of lithium titanate is the lower levels of innate potential. These kinds of batteries are most commonly used in army uses as well as aerospace applications. Such batteries might also be utilized in accumulating wind, etc.

These were very few kinds of lithium ion batteries. Based upon the advantages, disadvantages and uses, you can now decide which kind of lithium ion battery you have to get.

For this purpose, you will be requiring a li Ion supplier. Make sure that you find such a supplier who is reliable, trustworthy and fulfils his commitments so you don’t face any issue while buying any kind of lithium ion battery.

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