There is a whole research on designing a small home and making it seem wide. You must have seen those Korean and Japanese videos on the internet where they have made smart homes being cheap while having cement tiles UAE and from different parts of the world. Population is increasing every day and places are becoming scares. And since the COVID-19 strike the world, people felt trapped in their homes.

But now there are some home design companies who give cheap and affordable wall tiles in Dubai just to give your home a good and new look so it becomes easier for you to stay in your home without panicking. If you add tiles in home, your home will give a completely different look and during the pandemic, many studies have shown that if you keep changing the look of your home, it will become easier for you to survive in a lockdown.

And you become creative as well and it will kill most of your time and days if your home is big. If you are in the part of country where there is still lockdown orders then we suggest that you read some of our ideas about designing with tiles.

  1. You try out pebble tiles. These tiles give an organic and stylish look at your home and such homes used these tiles back in the 90s. Your home will have a traditional look and will give a classic vibe as well. these tiles come in two types of variations:
  2. Glass variation
  3. Stone variation.

This gives you an advantage of designing rooms of your house differently.

  • Taking long baths are only comfortable and enjoyable when the bathroom has some really fancy tile work. And if you want some moments of calmness and serenity to yourself then you can get a ceramic or pebble tile made bath tub. You can also use such tiles on the walls and have a wide sink made up of these two variations that we have mentioned in the first point.
  • You can add any of these tiles on the kitchen floor as well. This will look like a kitchen room from the past or how your grandma’s grandma used to have a kitchen.
  • You can use either of these tiles as a backsplash.