In order to ensure the safety of a resident, including his staff and visitors, maintaining a lift is a critical task for the owner or manager of a building. It is important for competent professionals to provide elevators/lifts. There are different options.

Many lifts use complicated proprietary software, which requires special tools to enable maintenance only by the manufacturer. In such cases, a maintenance premium is most likely to be payable. Parts must nevertheless be able to quickly acquire and downtime is minimized for repairs.

Another option is to hire an independent maintenance company for elevators. Independent enterprises usually charge less than manufacturers for their services. Research into the technical expertise and the ability of a company to quickly obtain replacement components.

Some of the big facilities, including hospitals and universities, have their own lifts. If you take this option into account, consider the availability of qualified, licensed work and the ability to manage major repairs.

In general, for an elevator maintenance contract for your hydraulic platform lift, you will pay a few hundred dollars a year – an investment which definitely can be worth it. You can choose between different types of contracts that differ according to the financial liability the property owner assumes. The greater the risk, the lower the cost.

With a full maintenance contract, a lift service company will decide how and when it will be able to operate the lift. The type of contract is comparable to the building owner’s insurance policy. It enables the owner to budget for lift repair costs and removes concerns concerning major repairs.

An inspection and lubrication or an oil and grain contract regularly includes lubrication of moving components and minor adjustments. If additional services become necessary, the elevator company in Dubai shall send the notification and the repair costs to the building owner. The price of the OG contract is low, but it could cost much more than other types of service agreements if major repairs were needed.