There are several ways through which you can bake a cake and get what you want in return. There are two basic ways which are widely used in baking a cake and beginners will use them to get expert in their cake baking skills. With these, you will be able to offer the best cake delivery in Dubai If you want to learn about it then you should see this:

Ingredients: You need to gather all the ingredients and make sure that you will put them in separate and dry bowls. If the bowls are wet then your recipe will get ruined. You need to get some eggs, a little amount of milk, flour, baking powder, vanilla essence and oil or butter. You need to gather baking pan, butter paper, spatula and all the other items.

Mixing: There are two ways to mix the ingredients. One is that you have to separately whisk egg yolk and whites and then mix them with the dry ingredients and the other way is that you need to whisk whole egg. You need to add sugar and oil in that one by one and then you need to whisk them in a good way with an electric beater. If you are using a hand beater then you will need to beat for too much time and you will get immensely tired after that. It is better that you have to buy a good company electric beater for this purpose.

Adding: After beating all the wet ingredients then you need to add dry ingredients in that in smaller quantities and then you need to mix all of them with spatula. In this way you will be able to mix these ingredients in a good way without wasting any food. Spatula will be used to scrap off all the remaining items on the bowl and you will not waste your food even a little bit.

Bake: After mixing all the ingredients you need to convert it in the baking pan but before that you need to make sure that the pan is well greased with oil and well dusted with flour or covered with butter paper. You also need to pre heat your oven for about half an hour so that it will be well heated to bake a cake. After putting cake in your oven you need to weight for 25 minutes and then check it with skewer and take out.

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