There are many good things to know about american schools in qatar. Students learn in an environment where performing arts are encouraged, and there is plenty of public speaking and self-esteem training. A typical 8-year-old class is memorizing a two-hour play production, and many will even show signs of budding pianists. Some schools also offer extra-curricular activities such as sports. Regardless of the type of education your child receives, there are some good things about British schools.

Students are expected to dress for success:

The first thing to know about British schools is that students are expected to dress for success. In British schools, the majority of students wear robes during exams. The robes remind them of their responsibility. Printing will be an issue for many students, as they will not use standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Using the same paper size will cause formatting problems and printing errors. However, British students will soon get used to the difference and will be able to complete their assignments without a single hiccup.

There is a warm and friendly relationship between students and teachers:

The relationship between students and teachers is warm and friendly. Most teachers address students by name or surname. Similarly, it is customary for students to stand up when their teacher enters the classroom and be quiet and polite. Nonetheless, students should be attentive and respectful when speaking to their teachers, as they will also point out any mistakes they might make. And they should also learn English. But before you head to the British school, here are some other good things to know about these schools.

They have organized curriculum:

The British curriculum is organized into key stages and early years. This gives teachers clear overviews and solutions for their student’s academic goals. Aside from the curriculum, students are expected to wear University robes when taking exams. And the professors will not remember fudged statistics. While English may be different from English, there are still a few good things to know about British schools. In addition, the British curriculum is highly interactive and emphasizes knowledge of the outside world. These great things compel you to consider sending your child to a British school.