Balloons in Sharjah are amazing ways to decorate and play with while n a party or even at home when kids are getting bored. This is an amazing way to keep your kids engaged for longer time and you can also enjoy playing with them. You can have birthday balloons according to the theme of your birthday or get some colorful ones at your home for playing with you kids. There are a few games that you can play with your kids and get these ideas below:

Balloon painting:

If your kids are small and they show some interest in painting or art then you can get some paints for them and get some papers or older t-shirts on which they can paint and then instead of giving them paint brushes, you can give them inflates balloons but do not inflate that too much to have some bounce in them. After that they can get the paint with these balloons and paint the papas or shirts with them. You should make them free to paint in any style or to make any mess without restrictions.


In this game you can have balloon rocket and your kids will love when the balloon will go from one corner of the room to the other. You can give the balloons to kids so they will draw any kind of rocket on that or any drawing. Then you have to stick a sturdy string from one wall to the other and before sticking you need to a straw in each string. Then you have to allow kids to inflate balloons and keep it from opening part of balloon and then stick that to the straw with the help of a tape. Then ask your kids to leave the balloons and see their rocket flying.

Candy pop:

You can have some candies in the balloons and then inflate them. After that you have to stick these balloons to the roof and then ask kids to pop these balloons with the help of sticks and then they can keep the candies that will come down with the popping. In this way they will be very happy when they get these candies so you need to make a lot of them. Give them baskets to store their candies when they pop balloons and take them home.