Do you hold an expertise in making specialty coffees? If no, then it does not mean that you cannot make coffee to entertain yourself. You can make. In fact there are many types of creative coffees which you make when you are bored and have some delighting moments. Top three of them are:

Ginger coffee: It is so odd to get to know about such types of coffee that have some spices but they do exist and, trust me, they are very scrumptious. Ginger coffee is one of them which have the taste of spices, coffee beans and milk as well. To make it, you have to prepare gingerbread syrup first. To make the syrup, you need to add sugar, ground ginger, ground cinnamon and vanilla extract with two cups of water in saucepan. The mixture will be heated to boil and then simmer for ten minutes. While a person has to make coffee or brew coffee on the other hand and heat the milk on second hand. When milk is heated, you have to whisk it and then add it in the mug of coffee in which the syrup and coffee will be added. This is how the ginger coffee will be made. You can put cream and crushed spices on it too to make it eye-gluing.

Spiced Coffee: This is another coffee for all spice lovers. To make this coffee you need to whir cinnamon, black peppercorns, ginger, nutmeg, grinder and cardamom seed together until they are ground. After grounding add coffee beans and mixture in coffee maker’s filter basket to brew them. The maker will brew them as it brews the coffee. All you have to do is to fill the mugs with the spiced coffee and celebrate the moment. Nutella Latte: Nutella is the favorite of everyone. Its smooth structure that hides so much sweetness is the love of everyone. If you love sweet and chocolate then why don’t you add the paste in your latte and come up with Nutella latte? To make this latte you have to spread some of the paste on the wall of mug and put two to three spoons of Nutella in the bottom of the mug. To make coffee, you have to pour brewed coffee or instant coffee over it and add steamed milk. Stir the spoon in mug until the Nutella melts and get mixed in it. So, your Nutella coffee is ready to serve.